Managed Anti-Exploit Services

Each day, small businesses are struggling to stay ahead of newly advanced security threats. The culprit in many of these cases is browser and software vulnerabilities. At AM Data Service, our knowledgeable technicians are dedicated to helping a diverse range of organizations better protect themselves from security exploits. Rather than focusing on what type of threat is being delivered to your computer or server, our managed anti-exploit services also work to determine how it occurred in the first place.

The Importance Of Our Anti-Exploit Solutions

Exploits wreak havoc on vulnerable devices by potentially searching for sensitive data, launching ransom attacks, and inflicting significant financial damage on your business. At AM Data Service, our anti-exploit solutions actively monitor your IT programs and detect any abnormal behavior that may suggest an attacker has exploited a vulnerability. Once we have determined and detected an exploit, our software terminates the program process and ultimately stops the exploit from causing further damage.

Cyber threats and attacks are developing at a rapid pace and can impact any business. Ensure your company, data, and IT infrastructure is protected with our best-in-class, anti-exploit solutions. Request a free consultation today!

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