Managed Anti-Malware Services

Cyber threats have become an ever-present part of our daily lives and unfortunately, no business is immune to these threats. Criminals use all sorts of malware including trojans, worms, and spyware, to steal credentials, compromise customer information, and ultimately leave your company scrambling to pick up the pieces. At AM Data Service, our managed anti-malware services will help prevent and safeguard your business from exposure to cybercriminals.

How Does Anti-Malware Work?

Malware is code that was created for the sole purpose of doing something sinister to your IT devices without being detected. Our anti-malware solutions offer reliable and comprehensive protection for your business by monitoring all of your organization’s data for a variety of potential threats. Our software utilizes high-level scanning to actively remove threats and protect your organization by:

  • Detecting malware on your IT devices

  • Safely removing it from your system

  • Cleaning up any of the damage that the malware may have caused

  • Point in time system roll-back to before malware was deployed

  • And more

If an unknown anomaly is detected, our anti-malware solutions immediately remove threats to protect your entire organization and your customers. Ensure your organization is armed with the ability to proactively avoid malware infection. To learn more about our managed anti-malware services, request a free consultation today!

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