Persistent Foothold & Threat Hunting

Hackers have become increasingly clever, finding new ways to infiltrate an IT system and go undetected for long periods of time. Once these cybercriminals have slipped past conventional antivirus and security tools and gotten access to your infrastructure, they establish a quiet foothold, plotting their next move to cripple your system and uncover sensitive data. At AM Data Service, we leverage active threat-hunting tools and strategies to stay on top of the ever-changing threat landscape, working to keep your business properly positioned in the event of an attack.

What Is Persistent Foothold & Threat Hunting?

Persistent foothold & threat hunting monitors, evaluates, and detects potential threats and vulnerabilities. This solution works to identify and eliminate any mechanisms that could indicate potential for an imminent attack or data exfiltration. By utilizing an effective and thorough approach to active threat hunting, this software:

  • Collects any and all relevant data or activity associated with persistence mechanisms
  • Automatically analyzes data to highlight all known threats
  • Identifies new and potentially malicious activity
  • Learns new threats to scan for in the future
  • And more

If it were to happen today, would you know if your organization’s IT systems had been compromised? Our managed threat hunting solutions are essential for helping your business proactively detect threats and improve cyber defenses. At AM Data Service, our team of experienced technicians help you to secure your business and protect your critical infrastructure from the devastating effects of cyber-threats with ease.

Hunt, isolate, and eradicate cyber-threats from your business with our managed threat hunting solutions. Request a free consultation with our experts at AM Data Service today!

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