Cyber Threat Education

The best way to protect your business against cyber threats is to create a workplace filled with awareness. At AM Data Service, we believe education for end-users is just as important as the protection services we provide. With our suite of cyber education tools for employees, we pride ourselves on our ability to properly educate diverse industries and businesses on cyber attacks.

What Is Cyber Threat Education?

Over 95% of all successful cyber-attacks are the result of human error, mostly due to a lack of overall awareness of the threat landscape. To help educate businesses on the seriousness of existing threats and to aid in the prevention of cyber-attacks, we provide clients with a robust and comprehensive training suite for your employees which includes:

  • Identification of risk types
  • Best practices for prevention
  • Access to educational videos
  • Fundamentals of social engineering threats
  • Test phishing campaigns
  • And more

Our effective approach to cyber threat education helps our team get a baseline understanding of how proactive and aware your employees are of cyber-attacks. Furthermore, we help every member of your business develop a further understanding of cybersecurity, the threat landscapes, and the practices they must enforce to avoid an attack.

Inform your employees and protect your business from cyber-attacks with our effective methods for cyber threat education. Request a free consultation today!

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