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asset management

Your technology is one of your organization’s main assets. From data storage to seamless communication, you rely on your equipment day in and day out. At AM Data Service, we keep a comprehensive inventory of all your IT equipment to ensure your devices are diligently managed and functioning properly. We understand how much time and dedication goes into managing a successful business, which is why we provide every organization with a reliable and hassle-free approach to asset management.

Our IT asset management service covers a wide range of device types including:

To meet the ever-changing demands of the technological landscape, our strategic approach to asset management goes far beyond tracking laptops. At AM Data Service, we keep an inventory of all the hardware components that exist within your business network, as well as their warranty and license information, renewal dates, upgrade requirements, and more. In return, our experts become your business’ intermediary, allowing us to know when software or hardware components are nearing end of life, when to replace or upgrade equipment, and everything in between.

Maximize the value of your equipment and make strategic decisions concerning your technology with our IT asset management services. Request a free consultation today!

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