Anti-Phishing & Employee Vulnerability Training

Did you know over 95% of cyber attacks occur due to an employee making an uninformed decision? Most businesses focus exclusively on hardware and software tools to provide the entirety of their security strategy and completely ignore the training, education, and measurements needed to proactively address the most vulnerable element of their IT infrastructure; their people. At AM Data Service, our approach to anti-phishing and employee vulnerability training is an effective method for improving a multitude of IT behaviors that can lead to security compromises.

What Is Employee Vulnerability Training?

When it comes down to one simple mouse click threatening the security of your entire IT infrastructure, it is important to ensure every member of your team is educated and understands what precautions to take in the event of a cyber threat. At AM Data Service, we establish a learning track for your employees addressing security vulnerabilities including:

  • Integrated Cybersecurity Tools
  • Cyber-Threat Awareness and Education
  • Mock Phishing Campaigns
  • Security Best Practices
  • And More

To get a baseline understanding of where your employees stand with cybersecurity, our technicians will launch a test, or a type of simulated email phishing attack. This method allows our team to establish a baseline for cyber-security awareness to see if your employees are equipped with the knowledge and protocols necessary to actively protect your organization’s data in the event of a real attack. Following this test, a more targeted educational track will be developed based on individual employee responses to the test phishing campaigns, ensuring your employees are adequately informed on the threats to look out for, and the best practices for how to respond to a potential threat.

Cybercriminals may be waiting on your employees to take their bait. Teach them to identify and respond to potential security threats with our methods for anti-phishing and employee vulnerability training. Request your free consultation today!

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