IT Monitoring Services

When it comes to your IT infrastructure, it is important to recognize the overall costs associated with downtime and interruptions to productivity. If your company relies on computers, servers, software, email, and internet connectivity to function, our IT monitoring services will ensure your equipment remains running efficiently. With around-the-clock monitoring, diagnostics, early issue detection, and prompt resolutions to any issues, AM Data Service is your solution to minimizing the impact and frequency of any downtime events.

What Is AM Care?

Our low-impact software agent, AM Care, is installed on all of our managed devices. This agent has over one hundred different customized individual monitors that report all the key performance indicators (KPI’s) and system metrics necessary to inform our experts on the health of your infrastructure. In return, our team is able to effectively monitor, manage, and maintain your IT devices, helping to ensure we are aware of problems and can proactively respond to any issues before they have a broader impact on your organization.

You want your business to thrive and so do our expert technicians. From inadequate drive space to memory utilization, our technicians are dedicated to identifying the root cause of an issue and providing a fast resolution both now and in the future.

Reduce downtime and extend the life of your hardware with our 24/7 IT monitoring services. Request your free consultation today!

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